Rosie, 18, currently in manc, moving to ldn in sept to study at LCF, i have an opinion on everything
Sweet orange tea i bought in Munich. Love my new cup 

don’t know what to wear for yoga tonight. i bought my own mat its pink with lotus print on. lookin’ keen

i smell of pear cassis mmm
had a play last night came up with this 

rainbow over houston, LES NYC

i miss walking down here. the building in the middle is my family’s

high line

Top of the Standard New York

hmmm i went here. so bum

home from new york. its inspired me so much. it is a city in which you can achieve anything, and i mean anything . the fast paced vibe, the openness and honesty of the people who live there, the individuality and creativity just oozes out of the streets.

my eyes have been opened so much from the people i met to the things i saw. i can’t wait to returnĀ 

so fresh and clean 
  • American people: I wanna go to the UK
  • UK people: I wanna go to America

Having such an incred 2 weeks , can’t event cope with coming home tomorrow , everything is just so unbelievable I’m still trying to get my head around everything

Brain candle